About Arcus WineBrands Sweden

Arcus WineBrands Sweden is a branch of the Norwegian company Arcus WineBrands, and a part of Vingruppen i Norden, one of the biggest importer groups in Sweden.

Our main focus is on own brands and co-owned brands. We work with bulk as well as ready-filled products from all over the world. If we buy bulk, we arrange the transport and filling of bottles (regular and lightweight) with different closures, tetra pak, cans, and bag-in-boxes. Either at our premises in Norway or at selected partners.

Our customer is the Swedish retail monopoly Systembolaget and the tenders are the main focus for new business.

The environment and people’s health is super important for us, and we do our best to work with sustainability, organic wines and lighter packages such as tetra, pet and bag-in-box. We follow Systembolaget’s Code of Conduct and are part of the Swedish beverage industry’s Climate Initiative.

We work with wine only, no spirits. For spirit-related questions, see Arcus Sweden.

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103 92 Stockholm

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